Nov 13 2006

On-line Foreign Language Instruction Flashcards

Published by at November 13, 2006 12:47 pm under Foreign Language Instruction

I’ve recently created a free FlashcardExchange account. FlashcardExchange is “the world’s largest flashcard library.” I’ve made flashcards for BYU’s Egyptian Arabic 101 (by Parkinson) and UVSC’s Chinese 1010 (Chinese Odyssey by Xueying Wang, Li-chuang Chi, and Liping Feng). With a free FlashcardExchange account, you can create unlimited flahscards, share your flahscards with friends and students, study on-line (no account required), and play memory. With a lifetime premium membership (for a one-time $19.95 fee) you can print flashcards in multiple formats, export flahscards to Word or Excel, study with Leitner flash cards, and create flahscards with images. See : Christopher Hurtado for all the flashcards I’ve made.

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