Jul 10 2009

Global Culture

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Global Culture: Diversity in the Age of Globalization

7 Strategies for Expanding Your Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

If you’ve ever had an Italian espresso at Starbucks served by a Hispanic barista with Brazilian jazz playing in the background, you know exactly what I’m talking about – Global Culture. Driven by the democratization of technology, globalization is in full swing. Goods, people and ideas are moving seamlessly across borders. Cultures are changing. Blending. How do you keep up with the changing pace of technology and this Global Culture?

The answer is found in Linguistic Solutions’ president and CEO, Christopher Hurtado’s presentation Global Culture: Diversity in the Age of Globalization. Here’s what one audience had to say about the presentation:

Our employees gave up their lunch hour in order to hear you speak on global diversity. What an information packed lunch hour! And you provided numerous resources for people who wanted to continue to learn after your presentation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, including that the presentation was interesting, insightful, refreshing, and enjoyable. Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.

– Karen Orso, Product Marketing Manager, Cardinal Health

And here are are the seven above mentioned strategies and accompanying resources from the presentation:

Learn a Language – Expand Your Ability to Communicate With Others

Create a Friendship – Expand Your Network Globally

Study Another Religion – Expand Your Mind

Read a Foreign Newspaper – Expand Your Point of View

Discover the Art and Folklore of Another Culture – Expand Your Cultural IQ


Visit Another Country – Expand Your Horizons

Sample Ethnic Cuisine – Expand Your Palate

Other Resources – Expand Your Knowledge

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