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Specialized translation of all types of legal, scientific, or cultural documents, especially:

  • Personal and corporate documents for legal acts in other countries (certificates, affidavits, records, statutes, letters, depositions, forms)
  • Technical materials for the oil industry and relative fields, civil engineering, transportation, medicine and relative fields, agriculture and livestock, commerce, electronic machinery, computing and related technologies (manuals, instructions, catalogs, courses, letters, information, speeches and other academic or technical materials)
  • Publicity, promotional and public image projection materials: ads, campaigns, brochures, catalogs, documentaries, film, video and audiovisual program scripts, with their corresponding adaptations to the national idiosyncrasies of the countries or regions they are directed toward.

Languages | Translation and Localization Quality Assurance Checklist


Interpretation of languages with the intervention of bilingual or multilingual professionals specialized in specific fields such as oil, medicine, economy and finance, commerce, civil engineering, mining and geology, chemicals, computing, theatrics and others.


Proofreading for quality, correction of style, regional adaptations and processing of original and/or translated texts for their correct functioning in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Foreign Language Instruction

Foreign Language Instruction for corporations and groups of people, through programs adapted to special requirements and circumstances.

Cross-cultural Training

Cross-cultural training for international corporate personnel, destined to work in cultures different from their own.


Assessment, consulting and integral communication services.

Cross-cultural Marketing

Cross-cultural marketing: regional, national, multinational and international market research and analysis and planning of corporate image campaigns, brand name recognition, launching products and services, image changes, processing of conflicts, training for executives and/or personnel, planning of public acts.

Curriculum Development

Copywriting of specialized or diffusive texts in one or several languages (ads, publicity or advertising campaigns, publications, audiovisuals, educational and training materials, speeches, graphics, computer programs).


Preparation and editing of messages:

  • Writing and design of printed publications (magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs, brochures) in one or more languages or versions.
  • Complete production of promotional, publicity, advertising and educational audiovisuals (audio recordings, videos, multimedia programs and spectacles.
  • Production and administration of online publications including updating content and permanent technology.


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