Jul 10 2009

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Company Overview

Linguistic Solutions offers communications consulting, support, products and services, which help its clients to carry out their business in the most fluid manner and to maintain productive operations amongst the world’s diverse cultures, by solving idiomatic, nationalistic, attitudinal and technological problems.

Mission Statement

To reduce and eventually neutralize the interfering processes of incomprehension, miscommunication, and misinformation among individuals and peoples which must intervene in business activities and cross-cultural interactions. This includes partners and directors, executives and the personnel of the organizations that contract our services, as well as their clients, providers and the public in general, in one or more languages or cultures.

Company Background

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in languages, communication technology, socio-cultural investigation, marketing and education, who diagnose communication problems and propose effective solutions to the corporate and institutional organizations which act in bi-national, multinational and worldwide mediums.

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