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Translation Resources

Translation books
Linguistic Solutions Blog >> Translation
Linguistic Solutions Blog >> CAT/MT (Computer-aided translation/Machine translation)
Translation links

Translation links for translators
Free online machine translation
Online dictionaries

Translation Articles
Translation Presentations

Download Targeting and Profiling Customers and Vendors Online PowerPoint slides

Translation Workshops

Interpretation Resources

Interpretation books
Linguistic Solutions Blog >> Interpretation
Interpretation links
Interpretation links for interpreters

Interpretation articles
Interpretation presentations
Interpretation workshops

Foreign Language Instruction Resources

Foreign language instruction books
Linguistic Solutions Blog >> Foreign Language Instruction

Vacation Spanish Blog
Foreign language instruction links
Foreign language instruction links for foreign language instructors
Foreign language instruction articles
Foreign language instruction presentations
Foreign language instruction courses

Download free Arabic Alphabet: Sun and Moon Letters iPod/mobile phone/PDA flash cards

Cross-cultural Training Resources

Cross-cultural training books
Linguistic Solutions Blog >> Cross-cultural Training

Linguistic Solutions Blog >> Global Culture
Cross-cultural training links
Cross-cultural training links for cross-cultural trainers
Cross-cultural training articles
Cross-cultural training presentations

Visit Global Culture: Diversity in the Age of Globalization: 7 Strategies for Expanding Your Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity (online companion to the presentation)

Cross-cultural training workshops

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