Jan 27 2005

Wanted: Volunteers to Translate Linux Documentation

Published by at January 27, 2005 6:50 pm under Translation

Open-source provider Linspire Inc. is looking for volunteers to translate Linux applications into 78 different languages. Its translation project–called the International Resource Management Application (IRMA)–has already begun work on 24 languages.

“Instead of using expensive translation firms, we’re turning to Linux supporters to help make Linux available to new segments of the population,” said Linspire CEO Michael Robertson in a statement Thursday. “Soon, a Linux-based operating system will be available to any user, regardless of [his or her] native language.”

Linspire, which provides a Linux-based operating system for desktop and laptop computers, said more than 200 volunteers have already signed on for translation work. Linspire is seeking translators fluent in English and a foreign language. The company said the IRMA project has been created to easily coordinate translation activities in different parts of the world.

The IRMA project is set up so lead translators–called “managers”–review the work of first-line translators. All translation work is carried out over a Web interface and no custom translation software is required. For languages in more widespread use, a double-blind system will be employed, in which translations from two different translators are checked against each other.

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