Dec 29 2004

Time Management Tips

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1. Decide you want to be time conscience and organized and commit to it.

2. Remember: Time management means taking care of yourself first. Otherwise, you will be of little value to others.

3. Organize by the week first, then by day. This allows for unexpected items.

4. Develop an action list (calls, e-mails, tasks, actions, errands).

5. Prioritize each category and decide how much time each will receive.

6. Schedule time on a calendar.

7. Track progress by checking off completed tasks.

8. Revise the weekly action list daily.

9. Avoid letting others and extraneous events impose on your plan, unless you believe they are important.

10. Read Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

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Hat tip: Kimberly D. Wells

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