Jan 26 2005

English Ed Bill Comes Due

Published by at January 26, 2005 8:25 pm under Foreign Language Instruction

Running out of patience, a federal judge on Tuesday ordered state lawmakers to provide more cash for English instruction programs by the end of this session or face possible sanctions.

Judge Raner Collins said legislators have failed to meet prior deadlines set by the court to comply with an order to properly fund these programs to teach English to students who come from homes where that is not the predominant language. Collins rejected pleas by attorneys for the state to give lawmakers a chance to act on their own — and at their own pace.

Collins noted that it has been more than five years since another judge found the state was violating federal laws which require the state to ensure that all children learn English.

“If the court were to defer its ruling to see if the Legislature acts on its own, it may jeopardize any opportunity for the English Language Learner programs to be funded during this legislative session,” Collins wrote in his six-page ruling. The result, he said, is “the children will have to wait more than another year for any type of relief.”

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